The Future of Work from Home: Remote controlled robot staff in Tokyo

Japanese convenience store chain begins testing remote controlled robot staff in Tokyo

Japan has been facing a labour crisis from so many years in the convenience store industry. Rapid expansion and demanding conditions have made it hard to find sufficient staff and help wanted posters have become permanent fixtures on many locations of chains such as Lawson, 7-Eleven, and Family Mart.

In order to overcome the labour crisis, the convenience store chains have been looking to technology for help. Lawson is currently testing self-payment systems and Family Mart has enlisted the help of Model-T.

Model-T is remote-controlled by a human equipped with a VR set using their “Augmented Workforce Platform.” sounds like The future work from home

Designed by Japanese robotics firm Telexistence

In the following trial video, a young man pilots a Model-T in Tokyo’s Tshima Ward while he himself is sitting in the Telexistence office eight kilometres (five miles) away in Minato Ward.

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